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1 Inch Air Release Valve


Product Description

The automatic air release valve adopts a simple “ball float” operation using a renewable hard rubber ball located at the upper valve chamber. Air in the pipework is released through the vent hole when it is initially charged up with water until water reaches the ball chamber. The rubber ball will be pushed upwards to the vent hole and sealed it when the network of pipe is pressurized.
No maintenance is required but if any small debris is trapped at the upper valve chamber, this can be removed by opening the cap at the top.

Additional information


1) Greater air flow rates
2) Lightweight for easy transport and installation
3) Longer life and less maintenance
4) Easily disassembled for cleaning and replacing internal parts
5) Self – cleaning


Copper Alloy

Testing pressure
20 Bar (290 PSI)

Maximum working pressure
12 Bar (175 PSI)

BSP thread 1”

Temperature Range
80°C (for water)

Temperature Range
180°C(for stream)