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BEAM200 Beam smoke detectors



Product Description

The BEAM200 is an intelligent projected beam smoke detector. It is uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain. It is to be used with UL/ULC Listed compatible control panels only.
Installation of the single-ended reflective design is much easier than dual ended projected beam detectors. Alignment is quickly accomplished via an optical sight and a 2-digit signal strength meter incorporated into the product.
Listed for operation from –22°F to 131°F, BEAM200 can be used in open area applications to provide early warning in environments where temperature extremes exceed the capability of other types of smoke detection.
The BEAM200 consists of a transmitter/receiver unit and a reflector. When smoke enters the area between the unit and the reflector it causes a reduction in the signal and, when the smoke level reaches the predetermined threshold, an alarm is activated.
The BEAM200 has four standard sensitivity selections along with two Acclimate settings. When either of the two Acclimate settings are selected the detector will automatically adjust its sensitivity using advanced software algorithms to select the optimum sensitivity for the specific environment.

Additional information

Features and Benefits

• Designed to meet a wide range of applications.
• SEMS screws for easing wiring
• Panel controlled status LED (except MIX-M501M)
• Analog communications
• Rotary address switches (except M500X)
• Low standby current
• Mounts in standard 4" junction box


Protection Range
• 16 ft. to 328 ft.
• (5m to 100m)
Adjustment Angle
• +/– 10 Degrees horizontal & vertical
• (The optics move independent of the
• unit)
Sensitivity Levels
• Level 1 – 25%
• Level 2 – 30%
• Level 3 – 40%
• Level 4 – 50%
• Acclimate Level 1 – 30–50%
• Acclimate Level 2 – 40–50%
Fault Condition (Trouble)
• 96% or more obscuration blockage
• In alignment mode
• Improper initial alignment
• Self-compensation limit reached
Alignment Aid
• Optical gunsight
• Integral signal strength indication
• 2-digit display
Alarm Indicator
• Local red LED and remote alarm

Trouble Indicator
• Local yellow LED
Normal Indicator
• Local flashing green LED
Environmental Specifications
• –22°F to 131°F (–30°C to 55°C)
• 10–93% RH Noncondensing