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Product Description

Carbon dioxide is an effective fire suppression agent applicable to a wide range of fire hazards. Carbon dioxide works quickly, with no residual clean up associated with a system discharge, which translates into minimal Carbon Dioxide is approximately 50% heavier than air, and is normally present in the atmosphere at about 0.03% by volume. Carbon Dioxide is instrumental in controlling respiration and other vital responses in animals and humans, but it will not support life. Business interruption.

• Flammable liquid storage areas
• Spray Booth
• Electrical areas
• Turbines
• Engine Room
• Machine Parts

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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
• Fast and Effective – within seconds, CO penetrates the entire hazard area to smother the combustion.
• Electrically non-conductive – for a wide range of applications.
• Versatile – CO is effective on flammable and combustible materials and approved for Class A, B, and C hazards.
• Environmentally friendly because carbon dioxide is naturally found in the atmosphere, there is no environmental impact
• Strong Alloy Steel Cylinders
• Protection for large variety of hazards
• Electronically operated master valves
• Pressure actuated slave valves.
• Available for Total Flooding or Local Fire Protection
• Lower overall Maintenance cost
• Non-Corrosive & Non-conductive and leaves No Residue
• Suitable for Class A,B and C hazards.