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Conventional control panel 8 zone


Product Description

The FX108 conventional fire control panels provide eight zones of fire detection. These panels have been designed to offer high standards of performance, reliability and quantity and comply fully with BS5839, Part 4, 1988 and EN 54 parts 2 and 4. Each zone can be connected with 15 conventional fire detectors.

Microprocessor controlled SMT Electronics
The FX108 conventional control panels are multi-wire fire alarm developed from SCM. Those with signal output interface board has a passive normally open alarm output contacts and fault output contact on each zone. They have two external control output points to control some devices such as sounder, sounder strobe or bells. Designed with internal standby battery connection and housing.
Multiple functions like isolation and test, setting day/night mode, indication of normal state, fault state, alarm state, short and open circuit alarm and identifying the location of detector zone. All control function is realized through a key switch and programming function realized through a key switch and a DIP switch.
The FX conventional panels includes an advanced range of facilities which make this the Ideal panel for both standalone solutions, or integrated to larger systems in applications such as, shopping Centers and industrial complexes.

Additional information

Features and Benefits

Microprocessor controlled SMT Electronics
Compliant with EN54 part 2&4, & BS5839, Part 4, 1988
Both end of line resistors and active end of line can be used.
Programmable sounder circuits and outputs
Zone Isolate control
Fully monitored sounder circuits
Key control evacuate over-ride
Class change terminals for remote control
Up to 15 fire detectors and infinite manuals call points each zone
Optional Relay Board, 8 Fire & 8 Fault Outputs