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Fire Blanket



Product Description

Different sizes and colors are available to suit domestic or industrial use. When removed from the container the blanket is held in the shield position, protecting the user from the fire. When draped over a fire the blanket starves the fire of oxygen, leading to rapid extinction. Top spec Fire blankets can be used to wrap around a person whose clothes are on fire and can also be used to wrap around a hot or burning object for removal to a safe place.
Firex blanket is manufacturing from a heavy weight cloth. It is fully approved and independently tested by BSI Kitemarked. It utilizes a full weight cloth which gives the user confidence in the fiercest of fires combined with outstanding extinguishing power. It is fitted with flame roof handles and uses Kevlar thread to ensure the blanket retains its integrity. Approved by BSI & LPCB.

Additional information


Service Temperature
560 degree Celsius

0 .25 + 0.03 mm

Area weight
340 +2og/m 2

Material Case
Silicon coated fibre glass
PVC Red Pack