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Flame Detector


Product Description

substance, ideal for areas where you would expect heat and smoke but not flames such as boiler and generator rooms, also suitable for high hazard applications such as petrochemical plants, munitions factories and other areas where flammable or explosive liquids or solids are handled or stored. The I-9104 sensor provides an ultraviolet photosensitive tube, with highly sensitive, reliable, dust-resistant, corrosion-proof and moisture resistant qualities. The detector will initiate an alarm when a flame > 3cm is detected at a distance of up to 6 meters, with a total effective range of up to 12 meters. The integral microprocessor analyses the signal according to factors such as signal strength and rate of increase, then within milliseconds confirms these patterns with the pre-programmed fire scenarios and flame patterns, for a faster and safer response. . Secure and speedy communication through the onboard processor enables the detector to make its own decision, resulting in greater automation. The sensor and the panels utilize ‘fuzzy logic’- providing almost limitless cause and effect scenarios. Electronic addressing can be done through a Handheld Programming device (P-9910B). This device is available for purchase separately.

Additional information


• Built in 8 bit microprocessor
• Dust /corrosion/humidity resistant
• Secure and speedy communication
• Self diagnosis and history log
• Standard calibration set to detect a 3cm flame at 6metres
• Effective range up to 25 meters
• 110º effective detection dispersion angle
• Electronic addressing
• Twin LED for 360º vision