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Product Description

The innovative FPA‑5000 Modular Fire Panel easily adapts to local circumstances and regulations. Due to the different functional modules, country-specific characteristics are accommodated in the connection just as quickly as the respective alarm handling. The fire panel is available with two different housings: • Housing for mounting directly on the wall • Frame installation housings which are fitted to the mounting frame and can be swiveled With the aid of special mounting kits, the housings can be mounted in 482.6 mm (19″) cabinets. All housings can be extended with various additional housings for all conceivable applications. The FMR‑5000 Remote Keypad offers the decentralized operation of a control panel or control panel network. Thanks to the external CAN and Ethernet interfaces, several Panel Controllers and Remote Keypads can be interconnected. Using either a single‑loop structure or multiple‑loop structures with Ethernet backbone, the network can be adapted to nearly every application conditions.

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Features and Benefits


Modular configuration allowing for easy extension
Interconnection of up to 32 Panel Controllers, Remote Keypads, and OPC servers
Multiple CAN loop connection with high-performance Ethernet backbone and redundancy
Installation and auto-detection of functional modules by simply plugging them into the panel rail
Connection to BIS Building Integration System via OPC server

Ethernet / CAN loop


CAN bus


LSN elements

Stand-alone panel


Per network panel


Total network