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Heat Detector



Product Description

The I-9103 Dual heat detector with its programmable adjustable fixed temperature and rate of rise sensors.  This detector is extremely reliable for use in places that may have high dust levels or a smoky environment, making a normal smoke detector unsuitable.  Examples of   suitable   application   include   boiler/plant   rooms,   cars   parks, kitchens, silos, loading bays etc.
The unit meets the sensitivity requirement of EN 54 part 5 European Standard  and  is  approved  by  Loss  Prevention  Certificate  Board (LCPB).
It is aesthetically pleasing with a low profile, unobtrusive design that will complement modern building designs. The unit incorporates an intelligent   processor   that   provides   Algorithm   map,   Built-in   A/D converter, and Self-Diagnosis and History log.
Secure  and  speedy  communication  through  the  onboard  processor enables  the  detector  to  make  its  own  decision,  resulting  in  greater automation. The sensor and the panels utilize ‘fuzzy logic’- providing almost limitless cause and effect scenarios.
The integral microprocessor analyses the digital signal converted from analogue.
Electronic addressing can be done through a Handheld Programming device (P-9910B), available for purchase separate

Additional information

Features and Benefits

Dual fixed temperature heat detector that combines both fixed temperature and rate of rise heat detection in a single sensor. As standard, the fixed temperature is set to 58ºC while the rate of rise is set to 3ºC in one minute.

Built in 8 bit microprocessor
Analogue sensing
Secure and speedy communication
Self-diagnosis and history log
Field programmable electronically addressed
Twin LED for 360º vision
Low profile design
Built-in remote indicator