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Linear Beam Detector



Product Description

The Fireray5000-EN Linear Smoke Detector covers distances between 8 m and 100 m. A reflective prism allows for the accurate detection of smoke particles within the given distance range. For ranges between 8 m and 50 m, one prism is sufficient. For ranges between 50 m and 100 m, four prisms are required. The additional prisms are included in the FRay5000‑LR‑Kit Long Range Kit. Key application areas are large halls such as historical buildings, churches, museums, shopping centers, factory halls, warehouses, etc. The Fireray5000-EN Linear Smoke Detector is suitable for use in areas where point-type detectors are not effective The Fireray5000-EN Linear Smoke Detector can be upgraded with one additional FRAY5000-HEADEN Detector Heads. The system controller can control up to two detectors. Each head can be programmed separately

Additional information


Technical specifications
Operating voltage
14 V DC(-1 0%) to 36 V DC
( +10%)

Current consumption
In standby ( 1 detector head)
< 6mA@36V DC
In standby (2 detector heads)
< 8,5mA@36 VDC

In alignment mode (with 1 or 2 detector heads)
<37 mA@36 VDC

Reset control by power disruption
> 5 s
Alarm relay(contact load)
100 mA@36 V

Fault relay (contact load)
100 mA@36 V

LED indicators for
Alarm: Flashes Red every 10s
Fault: Flashes Yellow every 10s
Operation: Flashes Green every 10s

Dimensions (WxHxD)
Detector: 134 x 131 x 134mm
Prism reflector :100 x 100 x 10 mm
Control unit: 202 x 230 x87 mm

Color : Light Gray/Black
Material : C6600, non-flammable
Detector : 500g
Prism reflector : 100g
Control unit : 1000g