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Smoke Detector FAP-425-O-R



Product Description

Smoke detector (FAP-425-O-R) is a new range of automatic fire detectors featuring a superb accuracy and swiftness in detection. The versions with two optical sensors (dual‑optical) are able to detect the lightest smoke. The range includes versions with rotaries, manually and automatically addressable, and versions without rotaries for automatic address setting
The optical sensor uses the scattered-light method. An LED transmits light to the measuring chamber, where it is absorbed by the labyrinth structure. In the event of a fire, smoke enters the measuring chamber and the smoke particles scatter the light from the LED. The amount of light hitting the photo diode is converted into a proportional electrical signal. The dual-optical versions use two optical sensors with different wavelengths. The Dual-Ray technology works with an infrared and a blue LED so that lightest smoke is detected fast and reliably (TF1 and TF9 detection).

Additional information

Technical specifications

Operating voltage 15 V DC to 33 V DC
Current consumption < 0.55 mA
Alarm output Per data word by two-wire signal line
Indicator output Open collector connects zero V over 1.5 kΩ through, max. 15 mA
• Without base Ø 99.5 x 52 mm
• With base Ø 120 x 63.5 mm
• Material Plastic, ABS (Novodur)
• Color White, similar to RAL 9010, matt finish
Weight Without / with packaging
• FAP-425-DOTC-R Approx. 85 g / Approx. 130 g
• FAP-425-DO-R, FAP‑425-
Approx. 80 g / Approx. 120 g
• FAP-O-425-R / FAP‑425-
OT-R / FAH‑425-T-R
Approx. 80 g / Approx. 120 g
• FAP-425-O / FAP-425-OT Approx. . . . 75 g / Approx. 115 g