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Smoke Detector



Product Description

The  I-9102  Optical  Smoke  Detector  is  the  ideal  device  for  most applications, due to its excellent linear response to a wide variety of different  types  of  smoke  patterns.  The unit  meets  the  sensitivity requirement of EN 54 part 7, European Standard and is approved by the Loss Prevention Certificate Board (LCPB).
The  unit  is  aesthetically  pleasing  with  a  low  profile,  unobtrusive design  that  will  complement  modern  building  designs.  The  unit incorporates  an  intelligent  processor  that  provides  Algorithm  map, Built-in A/D converter, Drift compensation, Self Diagnosis and History log.
The integral microprocessor analyses the signal according to factors such  as  signal  strength  and  rate  of  increase,  then  confirms  these patterns with the pre-programmed fire scenarios and smoke patterns, for a faster and safer response.
Secure  and  speedy  communication  through  the  onboard  processor enables  the  detector  to  make  its  own  decision,  resulting  in  greater automation. The sensor and the panels utilize ‘fuzzy logic’- providing almost limitless cause and effect scenarios.
Features  include  Drift  compensation  to  monitor  for  any  long  term changes  caused  by  aging,  humidity,  temperature,  dust,  etc.  The  I-9102  is  constantly  monitoring  and  self adjusting  and  is  capable  of
updating sensitivity baseline for its sensing element. Even when the detector  raises  a  warning  advising  that  it  requires  cleaning,  the sensitivity remains the same as the day it was installed.
Electronic addressing can be done through a Handheld Programming device (P-9910B), available for purchase separately

Additional information

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
Built in 8 bit microprocessor
Algorithm maps for faster response and false alarm rejection
Analogue sensing
Secure and speedy communication
Intelligent Linear Drift compensation
Self diagnosis and history log
Electronic addressing
Sensing chamber for exceptional dust proof ability
Twin LED for 360º vision
Built-in remote indicator output
Low profile