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Test and Drain valve



Product Description

Test and drain provides the test and express drain functions for wet fire sprinkler systems (NFPA 13,NFPA 13D, and NFPA 13R). The Model 1000 TEST and DRAIN is available in a full range of sizes (3/4” to 2”) with NPT connections (BSPT available).

Additional information


Complies with NFPA 13, NFPA 13D, and NFPA 13 R Requirements
Compact, Single-Handle ball valve
Tamper- Resistant Test orifice and sight glasses
300 PSI rated.
Specifiable orifice sizes:3/8” (2.8K), 7/16” (4.2K), ½”(5.6K), 17/32” (8.0k), 5/8” (11.2K,ELO), ¾” (14.0K,ESFR), and K25
Tapped and plugged port for system access
Locking kit available.